The Secret Garden

S1: Ep8 Finding Your Voice and Connection with Elisa Gonzales

October 8, 2020

My guest today in the garden is Elisa Gonzales the Assistant Professor of Voice and Acting and the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Elisa is trained in a technique called Fitzmaurice and we discuss how to use the voice, body, and breath to connect to your true self, find your voice and, release trauma from the body. During toxic and abusive relationships, we tend to shrink down and lose our voice and disconnect from who we truly are. It is hard to find a connection to ourselves after we leave a narcissist who has mentally and emotionally abused us or find our voice when finally deciding to put boundaries up with the Narcissist. We open you up to explore where you might need to work on finding our voice or where in the body you are holding unwanted negative energy.


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