The Secret Garden

S2:Ep7 The Narcissistic Cycle of Abuse with Dr. Sammy Baya

April 25, 2021

S2: Ep7 The Narcissistic Cycle of Abuse with Dr. Sammy Baby

Dr. Sammy Baya brings his knowledge to the garden and the cycle of abuse. So many people wonder why they cannot leave or why the victims stay in toxic and abusive relationships. It’s all because of the cycle of abuse. The Narcissistic Cycle of abuse is, idealization, devalue and discard. The cycle will continue to go around and around until someone decides it is enough and they break the cycle. Breaking these cycles of abuse can be very challenging because a trauma bond forms during the cycle and can make it very challenging for the victim to see they are stuck in the cycle of abuse.


Dr. Sammy Baya


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