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S2:Ep5 What is a Narcissist? With Narcissistic Abuse Expert The Little Shaman

March 28, 2021

S2: Ep5 What is a Narcissist? With Narcissistic Abuse Expert The Little Shaman

Society does injustice for those that are spun into the web of a Narcissist. We say the word “Narcissist” so loosely that when you actually encounter a Narcissist you have no idea you are about to be idealized, devalued, discarded, abused, and repeat over and over again. Narcissistic abuse expert The Little Shaman is in the garden tells us what a Narcissist is, what are the signs and how do you get out of the vortex of a Narcissist.

The Little Shaman

A spiritual coach and a narcissism specialist. She has a popular YouTube show and clients worldwide. Working on opening a Holistic Healing Center & Spirit Clinic in the Deep South area. She believes in natural living, natural healing, and natural medicine.

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Suggested Reading

Escaping Emotional Abuse: Healing the Shame You Don’t Deserve by Beverly Engel


The Emotionally Abusive Relationship by Beverly Engle


Psychopath Free by Jackson Mackenzie (great for relationships with a Narcissist)


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