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The Tragic Story of Murder and a Mothers Dedication to Breaking the Cycle with Tara Woodlee

December 3, 2020

The Tragic Story of Murder and a Mothers Dedication to Breaking the Cycle with Tara Woodlee


On this very special episode Tara Woodlee joins Maegan in the garden to tell the tragic story of her daughter Asleigh Lindsey, and her unborn granddaughter Patience Lynn. Domestic Violence is an epidemic in our world today and the only way to shine a light on the horrific crimes committed against victims all around the world is to stand up tell these heroic stories of survivors. Today 70% of Domestic Violence murders happen when the victim leaves or is about to leave the relationship. This is because Domestic Violence is about Power and Control. Today Tara tells us the details of how this happened in her family and how to break the cycle of abuse.


Meet Tara Woodlee


In 2012 Tara Woodlee lost her 20-year-old daughter, Ashleigh Lindsey, and her unborn granddaughter Patience Lynn to a brutal act of domestic violence that made national news. Tara Woodlee shares the raw truth about domestic violence and gives audiences the opportunity to learn about the impact abuse has on families generationally. Tara, also a survivor, describes the journey from victim to survivor and then the impact her story made on her family finding out thru the death of her child of a 100-year-old history of this cycle of abuse within her family. This knowledge led her to found an organization in her child and grandchild’s honor called the Ashleigh’s Patience Project.


Through the pain, Tara has fought courts and is working to raise awareness and change laws not just across the nation but worldwide. Currently, she is the President of the Board of Directors for a National Domestic Violence Organization called Break the Silence Against Domestic Violence. Tara told Ashleigh’s story on Investigation’s Discovery Channel (Your Worst Nightmare) and was featured in an article in Cosmopolitan Magazine called Stop Calling It Domestic Violence It is Intimate Terrorism, in the US. The U.K. shared her tragic loss in magazines untitled Pick Me Up and Full House. Lastly, Ashleigh’s story is used in the Moving Forward resource that is to help young women identify the signs of domestic violence in their current or future relationships in Queensland Australia. Tara travels the country as a national speaker and Tara’s role in activism has been recognized through the Awarding of the President’s Award for volunteerism in 2018, 2019 & 2020.


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